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Anti-aging Starts from Stem Cells


Stem cell therapy, which used to be an exclusive treatment for CEOs, is now available in Korea. The real young and rich use stem cell therapy for reversing the aging process.

On July 31st 2019, the Advanced Regenerative Medicine Act was passed by the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the Korean National Assembly, allowing regenerative medicine research using stem cells and genetic engineering.

Stem cells prevent aging. They are pluripotent cells as they promote regeneration and differentiation of damaged tissues. The mechanism of stem cell therapy is simple. After injecting stem cells extracted from our body, the stem cells directly find the damaged area and begin restoration. Stem cells are usually collected from fat tissue as it is easy to extract and contain a large amount of growth factors. Upon extracting fat tissue from the body and dividing stem cells and immune cells, the stem cells are directly injected into the damaged area or given through IV injection.

The effects will differ depending on the degree of damage, but it is usually possible to regenerate blood vessels, strengthen nerve cells, and slow down aging. Beauty columnist Baek Ji-soo says that to effectively utilize stem cell therapy, it is necessary to combine targeted therapy and intravenous injection.

“There may be parts of the body that are actually more urgent than you think. For example, a patient may receive stem cell therapy for skin aging but find that she has less knee pain after the procedure. In my case, I got a muscle injection in the area where I had a problem, and an IV injection, and afterwards I’ve had noticeable reduction in fatigue. The pain I felt also disappeared.”
Because stem cell therapy can solve fatigue, dull skin, and muscle pain due to aging that cannot be solved with nutritional supplements or IV injections, it’s long been a hot anti-aging treatment among 40s and 50s in Gangnam, Korea.

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