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Diana's Sporty Look Returns

It’s time to move on from yoga fashion. Fashion inspired by Princess Diana, and one-mile wear is trending.

After repeated shutdowns during the past two years, the beauty and fashion industry changed in many ways. No longer dressing up to go somewhere, people preferred comfortable fashion and easy to apply beauty products. Sales of sweatshirts, jogger pants, and pajama shirts surged during the pandemic. And a new term was coined—'one-mile wear.’ It refers to comfortable but fashionable outfits that can be worn within a one-mile radius of your home.

Think of the clothes you might wear with flip-flops to the supermarket near your home. Along with the one-mile wear trend, brands like Sporty & Rich and Autry garnered positive attention in the fashion world. In particular, Sporty & Rich, which started as a lifestyle moodboard, is now recognized as one of the hottest brands in the fashion industry. It is a casual wear brand launched by LA-based influencer and brand consultant, Emily Oberg. The brand values sustainability, and the styles are simple but luxurious, a mix of modern sportswear and ‘90s retro fashion, with elements that focus on lifestyle, health, and wellness.

Sporty & Rich is expanding its product portfolio from training sets, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jogger pants, and biker shorts to accessories, such as sun caps and gym bags. Compared to Lululemon, another representative one-mile wear brand, Sporty & Rich is different because it targets people who want to stay fashionable, not just those who enjoy exercise.

Sporty & Rich’s Instagram feed is full of inspirational images of paparazzi photos of royal family members and celebrities—Princess Diana on her way back from tennis, Charlotte Casiraghi horseback riding, Sofia Coppola and Brooke Shields in casual outfits. Sporty images with Birkin bags and Rolex watches, and phrases such as ‘Wellness’ and ‘Drink More Water!’ show what the brand is communicating. True wealth, even with a busy lifestyle, is maintaining your healthy beauty, with a bit of daily exercise.

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